Welcome to UFO, UFO try to build a society and provide the best discount for Amazon customers. 

In our website, you can find the latest free offers and discount deals. 

Here are some general questions that customers asked, and these would be helpful if you don't know where to start. 


Q: How can I get free offers?

A: You can directly click the "Free" on the main bar of the website. There are many free offers you are able to look at. 


Q: How many products can I choose per day or?

A: You can get four free products every week. Once you finish the task for those 4-products, you can get more. 


Q: Is this service within Amazon's terms of service?

A: Of course. Since the beginning of October 2016, Amazon denies reviews in exchange for discounted products (the USA only at present). Amazon allows sellers to provide discount codes to increase sales. Amazon allows customers to provide feedback on products they like. ONLY exchanges of reviews against free products are prohibited. The testers, in UFO, are no longer required or encouraged to post comments on Amazon. They are FREE to review or not in order to respect the Amazon policy.

Q: Do you have anything else?

A: All of the free offers we have have been online. Still, we are recruiting more sellers to provide more items, you can leave a message for what you need so that we could try to find them for you. 

Q: How long do I have to write the review?

A: In most cases, you should write your product review within 5 days of receiving the item. In certain cases, you will have longer, particularly for products like weight loss pills or exercise equipment that require some time to pass before you can review the efficacy of the product.

Q: Do I have to write a positive product review?

A: You are only obligated to write an honest product review and sometimes that will mean a negative review. If your item arrived damaged, please refrain from writing a bad review on that basis as that is outside of the control of the company and can be easily fixed. If you do feel compelled to write a negative review, that’s OK but please be considerate about what you’re writing. If for example you are reviewing a cellulite cream and the product says that you have to make dietary changes and exercise as well and you didn’t do that, then a negative review is not really warranted. Remember that there are real people behind these products and they have invested a lot of time and money into putting their product into the marketplace. Your review will stay on Amazon forever and it will have a real financial impact on someone’s business so please keep that in mind when reviewing. That being said, we only expect an honest review.

Q: I received a damaged product. What should I do?

A: If you received a damaged product, you should contact the seller through your Amazon account. 

Q: Why Amazon reject my review? 

A: Indeed, there are some reasons :

 (1) Your text, pictures, or videos aren’t accepted by Amazon. Try re-posting your review.
 (2) You have reviewed the product before the end of the delivery dates estimated by Amazon. MUST BE: Wait for the delivery + 5 days. We don't want false comments!
 (3) You have pasted the sentence "Free or Discounted Product In Exchange". Don't paste this sentence at the end of your review. You are FREE to review or not in order to respect the Amazon policy.
 (4) You have ordered several times the same product from the same location or computer. Amazon probably considers the reviews from the same place as fake. Avoid commenting on the same products (Mother, father, daughter accounts are same for Amazon..)